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Broad Shoulder Sandwiches

Meet The Chef

Chicago native, Tom Azar developed an early passion for cooking. As a boy, with working parents, and full access to the family kitchen, Tom came to realize that he had a love for the culinary arts. In 1991, having worked his way through school as a line cook in a local restaurant, he received a degree in Culinary Arts
from Washburn Trade School.

One year later Tom received a personal call from the legendary Chef Emeril Lagasse. And off he went to New Orleans to work in Emeril's second restaurant, NOLA. After two years at NOLA, Tom was moved to Emeril's flagship restaurant where he spent another two years. In 1998 Tom was appointed Sous Chef at Emeril's Orlando location, and shortly thereafter he was promoted to Executive Sous Chef. In 2003 Tom was appointed Chef de Cuisine at Emeril's Miami Beach location. Chef Tom's relationship with Chef Emeril would span the better part of twenty years.

Next, Tom would explore Europe, South America, and the Caribbean for a time, exploring different cuisines and preparations, while working as an independent culinary consultant. After this, Tom emerged as Executive Chef for an esteemed South Florida yacht club, where he would spend the next seven years. What Tom enjoyed the most during his tenure with the club was the execution of countless private dinners and culinary lessons for club members and their guests. Reveling in the happiness that he was able to bring people with his craft, he sought to embark upon a new chapter in his career; opening a gourmet sandwich shop, specializing in scratch made condiments, sides, and desserts.